Weakness of each robot master in Mega Man 2

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Another classic on the NES is Mega Man. Mega Man 2 is one of the easier parts, but the robot masters can be tricky if you use the wrong weapon.

So, here are all the robot masters and the weapon they are weak to:

  • Flash Man
  Weapon: Time-Stopper
  Weakness: Metal Blade

  • Bubble Man
  Weakness: Metal Blade

  • Quick Man
  Weapon:Quick Boomerang
  Weakness: Time-Stopper, Crash Bomber

  • Wood Man
  Weakness:Atomic Fire, Metal Blade, Crash Bomber

  • Air Man
  Weapon:Air Shooter

  • Crash Man
  Weapon:Crash Bomber
  Weakness:Air Shooter

  • Metal Man
  Weakness:Quick Boomerang, Metal-Blade

  • Heat Man

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