Use the computer name in SCCM to put the client in a specific OU in active directory

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Here is how to use the computer name in SCCM to put the client in a specific OU in active directory:

The following script will parse the computer name during OSD and set an Task Sequence variable which you can then use in the "add domain" step in your Task Sequence:

Dim strComputer, OSDComputerName, env
Dim objWMIService, objChassis, colChassis, strChassisType 
Dim OSDDomainJoinOU, strChassisTypeIs 
       Set env = CreateObject("Microsoft.SMS.TSEnvironment")
       OSDComputerName = env("OSDComputername")
If OSDComputerName="" Then 
End If

       strChassisTypeIs = "Computers"
       OSDDomainJoinOU = "OU=Computers,OU=Test,DC=theitcommunity,DC=com"

Sub subGenLocale
      Select Case Mid(ucase(OSDComputerName),5,2) 
               Case "AT" 
                       If InStr(ucase(OSDComputerName),"SB") Then
'				Linz, AT
				OSDDomainJoinOU = "OU=" & strChassisTypeIs & ",OU=ATL,DC=theitcommunity,DC=com" 
                       End If
                       If InStr(ucase(OSDComputerName),"DI") Then
'				Vienna, AT
				OSDDomainJoinOU = "OU=" & strChassisTypeIs & ",OU=ATV,DC=theitcommunity,DC=com" 
                       End If
               Case "CA"
'			Waterloo, CA
                       OSDDomainJoinOU = "OU=" & strChassisTypeIs & ",OU=CAW,DC=theitcommunity,DC=com" 
		Case "CH"
'			Frauenfeld, CH
                       OSDDomainJoinOU = "OU=" & strChassisTypeIs & ",OU=CHF,DC=theitcommunity,DC=com" 
		Case "UK"
'	                Warwick, GB
                       OSDDomainJoinOU = "OU=" & strChassisTypeIs & ",OU=UKW,DC=theitcommunity,DC=com" 
		Case "US"
			If InStr(ucase(OSDComputerName),"NY") Then
'				New York, US
	 			OSDDomainJoinOU = "OU=" & strChassisTypeIs & ",OU=USY,DC=theitcommunity,DC=com" 
			End If
			If InStr(ucase(OSDComputerName),"CO") Then
'				Corona, US
	 			OSDDomainJoinOU = "OU=" & strChassisTypeIs & ",OU=USC,DC=theitcommunity,DC=com" 
			End If
		Case "MX"
'			Mexico City, MX
 			OSDDomainJoinOU = "OU=" & strChassisTypeIs & ",OU=MXM,DC=theitcommunity,DC=com" 
	End Select
End Sub

Sub SubGetChassisType
	If Mid(ucase(OSDComputerName),4,1) = "M" then
		strChassisTypeIs = "Notebooks"
	End If
End Sub

This is how a sample computername looks like:


  • ITC=IT Community (always the same)
  • D=Desktop (change to "M" for Mobile Devices)
  • US=USA (the Country code)
  • NY=New York (the City)
  • xxxxxx=your inventory number

In your Task Sequence change "Apply Network Settings" to make it look like this:


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