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Sometimes it can be usefull to update a driver using a batch file, either because you want a very small driver package (without having to run setup.exe) or because your OSD refuses to use the driver you want it to use.

Here is how to update a driver on the command line:

  • The only file you need from the kit is devcon.exe, so search for it and copy it to an usb key.
  • On a machine you want to change the driver issue the following command in a cmd (as administrator):
devcon drivernodes * > drivers.txt
  • Search for the device you want to update to get the hardware ID.
  • create a batch file in the root of your driver package (containing the .inf file) that looks like this:
devcon updateni <inf> <hwid>

where <inf> is the .inf file of your driver and <hwid> is the hardware ID you found.

For example:

devcon updateni "driver.inf" "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24D5&SUBSYS_80F31043&REV_02"

You may have to reboot to see the changes.

When you use this in OSD, create a package with all the content (driver files, devcon.exe, batch file) and run it from your task sequence.

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