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This problem has existed for a long time now, harddisks are getting too small too fast.

But there is a way to store much more on your harddisk. Just let Windows compress some of the data you have. Don´t worry, you are still able to use this data, in fact, besides from saving space, you won´t notice any difference.

Here is how to store more data on your harddisk by compressing files:

  • Right-click on the folder which contains the data you want to compress
  • From the context menu select Properties.
  • Click the Advanced... button.
  • Under the Compress or Encrypt attributes section check Compress contents to save disk space and click OK.
  • Click OK again and select Apply changes to the folder, subfolders and files.
  • Click OK to save the changes.

But be aware. Not all data can be compressed. Compression works great on text files, documents, programs and mails, but has almost no effect on movie files, pictures and so on.

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