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If you have bought the new Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded, you might have noticed that there is a whole new puzzle involved in the game. Since some might know the old game, but not the new one, this can be a bit tricky.

Here is how to solve the Jasmine puzzle in Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded:

  • You will find Jasmine on the second flour in Caesars Phallus casino.
  • To open the door you need the key from the overall in the bushes on flour 7.
  • She wants perfume from you, you have to mix it in the hot sauce which you will get in the buffet (click on all the dirt that is there).
  • Enter the room where Jasmine is a few times until she isn´t there, then take the squid and use the hot sauce with the blowhole of the whale.
  • Take the Ambergris the whale produces and put it in the bottle.
  • Another ingredient are Jasmine flowers you will find on the right side of the chapel, put them in there too.
  • Then, use the squid with the cat when you see it. Put the result in the bottle too.
  • The last ingredient is vodka from Lefty´s bar, put it in there too and you are done.
  • Give the bottle to Jasmine and she will be forever grateful... or not.

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