Safety tips when using a public computer

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Here are a couple of easy safety tips when using a public computer:

  • Don't enter sensitive information into a public computer

e.g. your banking information, your passwords, etc

  • Don't save your logon information

Always log out of websites by clicking "log out" on the site. It's not enough to simply close the browser window or type in another address. When the Browser asks you if you want to save the login information always click "no".

  • Don't leave the computer unattended with sensitive information on the screen

If you have to leave the public computer, log out of all programs and close all windows that might display sensitive information.

  • Delete your temporary Internet files and your history

When you finish your use of a public computer, you can help protect your private information by deleting your temporary Internet files.

  • Watch for over-the-shoulder snoops

When you use a public computer, be on the look out for thieves who look over your shoulder or watch as you enter sensitive passwords to collect your information.

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