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From time to time, you should clean out your Linux system, especially when that boot partition gets full again.

So, here is how to remove old kernels in Ubuntu:

  • All actions are done in bash, so if you are not already in one, open it.
  • Type
uname -r

and hit enter. This will show you the kernel you are running, this is the one you must not remove.

  • Type
dpkg --list | grep linux-image

to see a list of all linux kernels on your system.

  • Type
sudo apt-get purge linux-image-x.x.x.x-generic

and replace x.x.x.x with the kernel version you want to remove and hit enter.

  • Repeat for all kernel versions except the one you are running.
  • Type
sudo update-grub2 

to update your grub loader.

Done, your Ubuntu is now cleaned of old kernels.

Note: Other Linux distributions (especially those based on Debian) will react similar, but Ubuntu is the one I tried.

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