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This little page will take the name (unique key) of a player as the URL parameter and read every available information from the MYSQL database.

I use this for an online game where I want to get the coordinates of one player.

First here is the script, you can copy it, modify the MySQL variables and save it as a .php file (like read.php):


$mysqlhost="localhost"; // MySQL-Host

$mysqluser="mysqluser"; // MySQL-User

$mysqlpwd="topsecret"; // Password

$mysqldb="mysqldatabase"; // Name of Database



$db = @new mysqli($mysqlhost,$mysqluser,$mysqlpwd,$mysqldb);


$query = "select * from players where name='" . $name . "'";
$result = $db->query( $query );

     //loop to show each records
     while( $row = $result->fetch_assoc() ){
             //extract row
             //this will make $row['name'] to
             //just $name only
            //creating new table row per record
                echo "{$x} ";
                echo "{$y} ";
		 echo "{$name} ";

To read the information of a name from the database call the file like this:

It will also output the coordinates and the name, all separated by a blank.

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