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Have you ever searched for a tool that will tell you exactly what is wrong with your computer?

Such a tool exists, it is called the System Diagnostic Report, which is a part of Performance Monitor and can display the status of hardware resources, system response times, and processes on your computer along with system information and configuration data. The neat trick with the System Diagnostic Report is that you can use it to gather troubleshooting information on-the-fly while the problem is occurring.

Here is how you run a System Diagnostic Report in Windows:

  • Hit the Windows key.
  • Type
perfmon /report 

and press enter.

System Diagnostics will be collecting data for 60 seconds.

  • If you have a program that is causing a problem, start it now and reporduce this problem. Information pertaining to the problem will then be added to the report.
  • Same goes for hardware devices. If something is causing troubles, connect it to your PC now.

Once the report is complete, it will appear in the Resource and Performance Monitor window.

After 60 seconds you will have an easy to read report that will tell you exactly what is wrong with your computer

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