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Path of Exile has been released now, so anyone can play.

But since there is no game manual, here is a list of controls to get you started:

  • Left click to move.
  • Right click on a skill hotkey slot (in the bottom right of the screen) to assign an action to that key.
  • Use left ALT to show/hide item names, sockets on gear, chests etc.

You can tweak the default for whether items are shown or not in the options.

  • Hold SHIFT to disable movement commands. As long as shift is held you won't be able to move - this is useful for attacking without moving.
  • Press TAB to show the map. Use the arrow keys to scroll the map.

You can enable a corner minimap in the options.

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for flasks
  • Mouse1, Mouse2, Mouse3, Q, W, E, R, T for skills
  • O opens the options panel
  • C opens the character panel
  • S opens the social panel
  • F opens the contacts page
  • L opens the ladder panel (currently inactive)
  • I opens the inventory panel
  • U opens the quest panel
  • P opens the passive skills panel
  • You can swap between two weapon sets by pressing the X key, or clicking the tabs above the slots on the inventory screen.

Gems in the swapped-out set continue to gain experience as normal, but their skills cannot be used unless swapped back in.

  • To quickly move an item from your inventory to the stash or vendor sell window, Ctrl-click the item.
  • To split a stack of items, Shift-click on the stack, and select how many items to remove from the stack.
  • Holding ALT while mousing over an item will bring up a side by side comparison with your currently equipped gear.
  • With the chat window open, Ctrl-Alt-click an item to quickly link it in chat.
  • Right-click on a player's name in the chat window to whipser to them, invite them to a party etc.
  • Press Ctrl+Enter to reply to the most recent whisper
  • Press Shift+Enter to talk in global chat
  • There are some chat commands available. Type /help in game to get a list of commands.
  • Press F8 to take a screenshot. They are saved in to the My Games\Path of Exile folder in your Documents folder.

If you are taking a screenshot for reporting a bug, remember to type /debug before taking the screenshot

  • Press F1 to show FPS and network latency information

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