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If you are using mldonkey on a Linux machine, maybe you ran into the problem that the incoming directory uses too much space. If this happens and because of this, the partition is full, then mldonkey will shut down. So it is best to move the incoming directory to a large partition.

Here is how to move the incoming directory from mldonkey:

  • First shut down mldonkey (go to the web interface, type kill into the input bar and press enter).
  • Open a bash and move the incoming directory to another partition (use midnight commander if you have it).
  • Then, create a soft link from the moved directory to the old place where it used to be:
sudo ln -s /data/data/sdb1/incoming /var/lib/mldonkey/

This will create a soft link into /var/lib/mldonkey pointing to /data/data/sdb1/incoming where you moved the directory to. (this is just an example, please change the directories so it fits your system).

  • Make sure, mldonkey still has the rights to write to the directories:
cd /var/lib/mldonkey/incoming
sudo chown -R mldonkey:mldonkey *

  • Start mldonkey again:
sudo /etc/init.d/mldonkey-server start

That is it, now mldonkey should have enough space for downloaded files.

Note: This works for the temp directory (where download will be until they are completed) as well.

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