Mount a LVM partition under Ubuntu

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A LVM (Logical Volume Manager) partition can have many advantages. For example, you can resize partitions or take snapshots. But have you ever tried to mount a LVM volume under a freshly installed Ubuntu system?

Here is how to mount a LVM partition under Ubuntu:

  • All these steps have to be performed in a bash.
sudo mkdir /mnt/mountpoint
sudo apt-get install lvm2
sudo modprobe dm-mod
sudo vgscan
  • Look at the result of the vgscan. Replace <yourVolume> in the following line with the result:
sudo vgchange -ay <yourVolume>
sudo lvs
  • Once again look at the result of lvs, it will tell you the logical volume. Now replay <yourVolume> and <logicalVolume> with the results:
sudo mount /dev/<yourVolume>/<logicalVolume> /mnt/mountpoint -o ro,user

Your LVM volume is now mounted under /mnt/mountpoint, you can access the data there.

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