Monitor locked out Domain Accounts with Microsoft SCOM 2012

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How to monitor locked out Domain Accounts with Microsoft SCOM 2012:

  • Create a Management Pack (e.g. Active Directory Security Management Pack)

  • go to "Authoring" > "Management Pack Objects" > "Rules" > right click > create a new rule... > Rule Type "Event Based" > "NT Event Log (Alert) > Select the management pack you previously created (Active Directory Security Management Pack)

  • on "General" > Type in a Rule Name, choose as rule category "Custom" and select the rule target "Windows Domain Controller"

  • on "Event Log Type" > Log Name > Browse and select as Computer the "PDC Emulator" of your Domain. Select the "Security" Event log.

  • on "Build Event Expression" select "Event ID as Parameter Name, as Operator choose "Equals" and as Value type in 4740 (this is the event id for "account is locked out")

  • on Configure Alerts > Type in the desired name for the Alert, choose the priority and the severity level and then press "create"

  • Done :-)

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