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This can be useful for minecraft sysadmins who love the command-line, or for including into your performance-monitoring system. As a sysadmin, you should already have a performance-graphing thingamabob you could integrate this into.

(echo -ne '\xfe\x01'; sleep 1) | telnet mcserver.yourdomain.net 25565 2>/dev/null |awk -F'\x00\x00' '$2 {print $5}'

For something more human friendly, I put this into /usr/local/bin/mcstatus.

if [ ! "$1" ]; then
  echo "usage: $(basename $0) hostname [portnum]"
  echo "  reports status of that minecraft server"
  exit 1
[ "$2" ] && port=$2 || port=25565

(echo -ne '\xfe\x01'; sleep 1) | telnet $host $port 2>/dev/null \
| awk -F'\x00\x00' '$2 {print "players: "$5"/"$6"\nmotd: "$4"\nversion: "$3;}'

TODO: awk will exit successfully with no input and it is the last part of the pipe; should fix this so it will error out properly if the telnet fails

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