Make sure Telltale The Walking Dead Season 2 finds previous save games

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If you have bought the season 2 of Telltales The Walking Dead you will want the game to use the decisions you made in the earlier games. If you bought all versions on Steam, this should be no problem, but what if you bought the newest version on Steam and got the previos versions (including 400 Days) somewhere else?

Here is how to make sure Telltale The Walking Dead Season 2 finds previous save games:

It is actually pretty simple. Search for your save files and put them in

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead

Replace <username> with the name of your user. If the directory does not exist then create it.

The Walking Dead Season 2 will always search in this directory for the save files and will use the newest one.

If you have trouble finding your old save files? Just right-click on the shortcut you used to start the game and then on Open file location. Your save files will be near that location. But check the location above first, most likely the will be in the right directory from the start.

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