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  • Update Windows

Don't neglect Windows Update. Install updates when it gets them, and restart your computer if necessary. This will keep your computer safe and stable, and really takes no effort on your part. At least set Windows up to notify you when new updates are available.

  • Run Microsoft Security Essentials

If you're using Windows, you'll probably want some form of antivirus software running in the background. There's no need to pay for antivirus, though Microsoft Security Essentials is pretty great on its own.

  • Back Up Your Hard Drive

Whether it's the simple Windows Backup or an automated, offsite backup tool, backups are essential tools for any PC user. It isn't maintenance, per se, but it can get you out of quite a few binds, so we can't recommend it enough.

  • Clean Temporary Files

Windows can leave a lot of clutter and temporary files lying around your hard drive, and it's a good idea to clean these up regularly. There are a couple of great programs out there, just do a quick Google search.

  • Uninstall Programs

Windows' Add/Remove Programs dialog is okay, but there a other programs that are better. Not only does it remove every trace of an application from your computer, but it also helps you uninstall apps you can't find, as well as manage your startup processes which will help you boot up faster and run smoother once you do.

To help you get those programs, you might want to check out the article How to search in google.

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