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Here are a few tips for searching in Google, it should make thinks easier:

  • Negation

A minus sign directly in front of a word or phrase will exclude if from the search

it community -work

will search for it and community but will exclude pages with "work" on them

  • Synonyms

The Google synonym operator is ‘~’


will return ape, gorilla, chimpanzee, ...

  • Number range

The number range operator ‘..’ looks for results falling inside your specified numeric range

digital camera 3..7 megapixel

will search for digital cameras from 3 to 7 megapixel

  • Full-Word Wildcards

Stemming is when you add a * or a ? at the end of a word to act as a wildcard


will yield moons, moonlight, moonshot, etc.

  • The site operator

Google will only search on

  • The 10-word limit

Google has a hard limit of 10 words

  • Case Sensitivity

Google is NOT case sensitive So, if you search for Three, three, THREE, or ThrEE you will get the same results.

  • Google Advanced Search page

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