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With this clever little trick you can create a textfile which actually consists of two textfiles in one.

This is called Alternate Data Streams, which allow you to store data "behind" a filename with the use of a stream name. It’s not detectable while browsing the file system, or anywhere within Windows, you can only access it with the “secret key” which is really just the name of the stream.

If you want to try it out, open a command prompt and enter the following:

notepad VisibleFile.txt:HiddenFile.txt

Notepad will open and you can edit the file just as you normally would.

Save the file and browse to the folder where you just created the file. You will see a file named VisibleFile.txt. Doubleclick it and you will see that it has no content.

But if you enter the command from above into your command prompt again, you will see the text you saved in the first place.

Have fun trying it out! :-)

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