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If you are building your own legendary armor, then you might have noticed that you also need white items for the recipe. But those are hard to get nowadays.

Here is how to get white ascended items in Diablo 3 - Reaper of Souls:

  • Set your game to Adventure Mode on the normal difficulty setting.
  • Unequip every item that will give you additional magic find. Remember, you want white stuff.
  • Using your map, go to Act 5 to the Battlefields of Eternity.
  • Here you will see lots of Decaying Armor (they look like a heap of armor). Click on them.
  • Most of the time, they will give you white items. Basically, pick up every white item that has ascended in its name.

Here is the list of all the armor pices you will want to pick up:

Ascended Crown Ascended Pauldrons Ascended Armor Ascended Bracers Ascended Gauntlets Ascended Faulds Ascended Greaves Ascended Shield Archon Sash

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