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If you have a website written in php and you want to get the name of the current page, it is actually very easy.

Just use

basename(preg_replace('/\.php$/', , __FILE__))

Let´s brake this down:


gives you the name of the current file including .php and the full path.

To get rid of the extension we use

(preg_replace('/\.php$/', , __FILE__)

which replaces the .php with nothing.

Now, to get rid of the full path, we use the php function basename.

If you - for example - want to replace the keywords meta tag with the name of the current page you can insert the following into your head section:

<meta name="keywords" content="<?php echo basename(preg_replace('/\.php$/', , __FILE__)) ?>" />

This is great if you want to create dynamically created sites.

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