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In Driftwood shore you have to get three dream eggs to get Princess Peach deeper into the dream world. While the first two eggs are easy to find, getting the bridge to appear to the third egg can be a bit tricky.

Here is how to get the last dream egg in Mario & Luigi Dream Team:

  • Go to the left of the warp pipe.
  • Behind that is this blue square tile that moves up and down.
  • Jump on it when it is on the floor and then wait until it reaches the top.
  • Spin jump right onto the grey rock.
  • Walk up and a bit to the right and spin jump again right to another grey section.
  • Walk right and you will see a bit leading down.
  • Go down there and spin jump over the gap carry on down and you get to the red button.
  • Hit the button and the last bridge will appear.

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