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If you are running MediaWiki, you might have seen the error must be installed for pthread_cancel to work in the apache error.log file.

You get this error when not all of your executables and shared libraries could have been loaded.

So you have to extend the memory that is available for MediaWiki.

Here is how to get rid of the error with MediaWiki:

  • Open LocalSettings.php in your favorite editor.
  • Search for $wgMaxShellMemory.
  • If you find it, raise it, until the error is gone.
  • If you don´t find it, add the following line
$wgMaxShellMemory = 507200;
  • The default value here is 307200 (about 300 MB) in the newer MediaWiki versions, but even this is too small.
  • Save LocalSettings.php.
  • You are done, no need to restart apache or anything.

Note: Check the memory of your server to make sure you can afford the raise ;-)

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