Get a list of all drivers from a SCCM driver package

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If you are using SCCM 2012, you may have wondered how to get a clean list of all the drivers that are in specific driver package.

Here is how to get a list of all drivers from a SCCM driver package:

  • Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Connect to the Database used by your SCCM Server.
  • Create a new query and copy and paste the following:
/****** Script to query all drivers from a DriverPackage using PackageID ******/
use CM_WK1
Declare @DriverPkgID varchar(8)
SET @DriverPkgID = 'WK10013B'
SELECT        vSMS_DriverContainer.Name AS Driverpackage, vSMS_DriverContainer.PackageID, vSMS_DriverModel.ModelName AS [Driver Model Name], 
                         vSMS_DriverModel.ModelManufacture AS [Driver Model Manufacture], v_CI_DriversCIs.DriverINFFile,  v_CI_DriversCIs.DriverClass, v_CI_DriversCIs.DriverBootCritical, v_CI_DriversCIs.DriverSigned, 
                         v_CI_DriversCIs.DriverDate, v_CI_DriversCIs.DriverVersion
FROM            vSMS_DriverContainer INNER JOIN
                         vSMS_DriverModel ON vSMS_DriverContainer.CI_ID = vSMS_DriverModel.CI_ID INNER JOIN
                         v_CI_DriversCIs ON vSMS_DriverModel.CI_ID = v_CI_DriversCIs.CI_ID Where vSMS_DriverContainer.PackageID = @DriverPkgID

  • Replace CM_WK1 with your Database.
  • Replace WK10013B with the Package ID of your driver package.
  • Hit execute.

The output will be a list of all drivers in the driver package, including the driver date, the version of the driver, the name and so on.

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