Fix that a PC can find the sccm server without a domain join

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Maybe you have had this problem, when you set up a PC via Task Sequence and it joins the domain, everything works fine. But when you want it to join a workgroup, the machine does not find the SCCM server.

Here is how to make sure, that a PC finds the SCCM server, even when it joined a workgroup:

  • Open your Task Sequence.
  • Go to the Setup Windows and Configuration Manager step.
  • In the Installation properties add the following:

Replace with the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) of your server.

  • Hit OK and try again.

This should make sure, that the machine can find the SCCM server, even without the information from the Active Directory.

Note: make sure, that the PC is approved in the SCCM console. Many companies only auto approve machines that are joined to the domain.

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