Fix Windows 7 gets installed on drive D with SCCM

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Maybe you have seen this before:

You create a new Task Sequence, want to install Windows 7, it works, but after you log on, you see that the system partition is D: instead of C:. Especially if you are using ConfigMgr 2012 SP1.

Here is how to fix that Windows 7 gets installed on drive D with SCCM:

  • Go to your Windows 7 Task Sequence.
  • Go to the point before the Apply Operating System task sequence step in your task sequence.
  • Select Add -> General -> Set Task Sequence Variable.
  • In the Task Sequence Variable field input OSDPreserveDriveLetter.
  • In the Value field input false.
  • Press OK to save.

Try it again, now Windows 7 should be installed on Drive C: again.

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