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If you use Google Webmaster Tools, you may have seen crawl errors, resulting from pages not found. Here the Google bot gets the HTML 404 error (page not found) and reports it to the Google Webmaster Tools.

If you get this error because your website has moved to another URL, here is what you must do:

  • First and very crucial, backup your .htaccess file, by downloading it and save it in your hard drive.
  • Once you done the step above, go to your Google webmaster tools, copy the URL which causes 404 not found webmaster tools errors one by one, if you have many.
  • Go back to your .htaccess file, add this code:
redirect 301 /oldpath

Replace /oldpath with the URL you copied and the URL it should point to from now on..

What that code will do, is redirected the page Webmaster Tools couldn´t find to the new one.

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