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Maybe you have found one of the robot parts in Torchlight 2. If you did, a new quest started, telling you to find all the parts. Since there is no indication where these parts are (no star or something) this can be a bit tricky.

Here is how to find all robot parts in Torchlight 2:

  • Act 1

In Widow’s Veil you have to light all the unlit braziers throughout the dungeon to open the secret room containing the first part. Here you’ll find the Robotic Drum.

  • Act 2

In the Tower of the Moon you have to hit each of the gongs throughout the dungeon to find a secret area leading to the Robotic Arm.

In Brood Hive you have to get to the last floor of the dungeon and crush all the roach eggs to find Robotic Pipes.

  • Act 3

In the Abandoned Sawmill you have to remove the skeletons stuck to the walls to unlock the area, where you’ll find the Robotic Body.

In the Cacklespit’s Realm things get a bit tricky. To reach this area, you’ll first need to complete a quest where you’ll find a bell in the marshlands. Place the bell and complete the side-quest to unlock Cacklespit’s Realm. In the dungeon, you’ll unlock the secret area by destroying three tree stumps. Here, you’ll find the Robot Head.

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