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  • Don’t Share With Everyone

Only share your Facebook updates with those that are confirmed as your friends. While not foolproof, it does ensure that when you check in at a restaurant, or tell your friends you are on vacation, you are not broadcasting that to the entire world. Check to see if you are sharing your updates with just your friends or the entire world by looking for the drop-down option on your last update.

You can set your sharing option on a per post basis, or head to your Privacy Settings to change for all updates you post.

  • Don’t Friend Everyone

Facebook is not a popularity contest. Don’t add just anyone to your network, simply because they ask. Studies have shown that thieves and hackers set up fake profiles, just so they can try and infiltrate your network and steal information that is useful to them.

  • Don’t Click on Crap

While it may be tempting to click on a video that claims to show someone in their underwear or a man-eating spider, ask yourself two questions: is it likely to be real, and, do you really want to see it anyway? There are a lot of bogus posts made to Facebook and clicking on them could at best, make you look like an idiot, and at worst, breach your privacy.

  • Not All Emails are From Facebook

If you have email notifications switched on, be sure to double check their authenticity before clicking on them.

  • Don’t Share Your Full Date of Birth

A lot of Facebook users still share their full date of birth. TURN IT OFF! There really is no reason why you should share you full date of birth with anyone interested. You’re making it one step easier for an identity thief to wreck your life. Friends will still see your birthday, just not the year you were born.

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