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A lot of people seem to have problems doing the dragon shout (farting on someone) in the South Park game The Stick of Truth. Cartman tries to teach it to you, but he doesn´t do a very good job at explaining it.

Here is how to do the dragon shout on South Park The Stick of Truth:

  • As shown, hold the left mouse button.
  • Continue to hold it. No, if you look at the frequency meter, you will notice a small arrow.
  • Use your A and D keys to get the arrow on top of the meter. You don´t have to alternately press the buttons, just use the one that gets the arrow on top the fastest.
  • When the arrow is on top, the frequency will really pulsate, keep holding the left mouse button.
  • Hold it until a icon with a mouse with a pressed right mouse button flashes, then release the left mouse button and press the right one.

There, a powerful fart. It´s not so hard when you know how to do it :-)

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