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If you are using ads on your site you might want to display them depending on the country the user is from. A easy way to do this is using a IP-database in combination with PHP.

Here is how to display ads depending on the country using PHP:

  • First, download the database, extract it and put it on your server.

  • Then, put this script in a .php file on your server to check the country code of your user and display ads accordingly:

 switch ($two_letter_country_code) {
	  case "AT":
	    print '
The code for Austria goes here!

     case "DE":
	    print '

The code for Germany goes here!
	    print '
 The code for all other Countries goes here!		

function iptocountry($ip) {    
    $numbers = preg_split( "/\./", $ip);    
    $code=($numbers[0] * 16777216) + ($numbers[1] * 65536) + ($numbers[2] * 256) + ($numbers[3]);    
    foreach($ranges as $key => $value){
    if ($two_letter_country_code==""){$two_letter_country_code="unkown";}
    return $two_letter_country_code;

Replace the "The code goes here!" lines with your ads for that country. When you now use a web browser to access this page, the rights ads will be displayed, depending on the country you are in.

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