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The Steps Recorder was introduced in Windows 7 (it was called the Problem Steps Recorder then) and is a very hand tool when it comes to explaining that lead to a certain problem, how to solve a problem and so on.

What it will do is record everything you do, and in addition create screenshots and then put everything in a nice little step-by-step report.

Here is how to create guides in Windows using the Steps Recorder:

  • Prepare your applications so that everything is in place when you start recording.
  • Hit the Windows key and type psr. When the Steps Recorder comes up in the search results press enter.
  • Click on Start Record in the Steps Recorder.
  • Perform your actions as you normally would.
  • When you are finished, click Stop Record.
  • You can then either Save your recording (as a zip file) or Email it right away.

Try it out, it is a very nice little tool.

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