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As we all know, passwords are a very important subject, whether you use them on the internet or locally.

So how do you know which passwords are strong and which are not? How do you create a very secure password?

That´s what the site The Password Meter is for. Put your password in the field and it will tell you how strong it is.

But beware: Don´t use your real password on this site, just something similar. It is the internet after all ;-)

A few more tips:

  • Don´t use the same password on every site, but instead, create a new one for each of them.
  • Change your passwords frequently.
  • A good trick for creating passwords is to use the first letter of each word in a sentence. Like: "I like to go for a walk at 2 p.m.!" Then the password would be Iltgfawa2p.m.! which is a pretty strong password.

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