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If you want to make sure that files you have shared, copied or anything else are still as they were, a checksum program is the way to go.

A program that is great for such things is checksum. The reason for this is because it can check whole folders.

Here is a quick walkthrough:

  • Run it once.
  • You should now have a new option in your context menu (right click on any file or folder).
  • Use Create checksums... to create a .hash file in the folder you want to check.
  • You can now copy the folder to another location or person.
  • There right click on the folder again and select Verify checksums....
  • The message will tell you if the content of the folder is correct or not.

Note: The .hash file is human readable, you can open it with any editor.

Check out "Use 7-Zip to create a checksum" to see how to do this with 7-Zip.

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