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  • DOOM 1 and 2 Cheats

IDDQD -- Invulnerability

IDBEHOLDI -- Temporary invisibility

IDBEHOLDR -- Temporary radiation suit

IDBEHOLDS -- Temporary berserk

IDBEHOLDA -- Temporary automap

IDBEHOLDV -- Temporary invulnerability

IDBEHOLDL -- Temporary light

IDKFA -- Full health, ammo, weapons, armor and keys

IDFA -- Full health, ammo, weapons, and armor

IDDT -- Change map detail

IDCHOPPERS -- Gain chainsaw

IDCLEVxx -- Warp to level 'xx' where xx is 01 to 19

IDMYPOS -- Displays your position and bearing

  • Secret Level DOOM 1


  • Secret Level DOOM 2 (Wolfenstein 3D Level)


  • DOOM 3 Cheats

Press CTRL + ALT + ~ for the console.

Enter these cheats to activate them:

God Mode: god

All Weapons, Full Health, Full Armor: give all

Walk through walls: noclip

Saves a demo game to an .AVI movie file: aviDemo

Game Benchmark: benchmark

Skip to last level: doomhell

Freeze all on screen: freeze

Graphics card information: gfxinfo

Invisibility to most enemies: notarget

Show FPS: com_showfps 1

Acquire all keys: give keys

Your game status: status

Full Health: give health

Restock Ammo: give ammo

Quit or Exit: quit

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