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  • Lost in Love

This Quest is given to you by Maramoa upon arriving to Sarn Encampment, the quest goal is to find two lovebirds Clarissa and Tolman who went missing in Sarn Slums.

The assignment can be completed by first finding and rescuing Clarissa from a group of blackguards in Sarn Slums. Clarissa then gives you the task of finding Tolman who was dragged off by Piety's henchmen into the Crematorium nearby, the entrance to Crematorium is also in slums, right next to a waypoint. On level 2 of Crematorium you can find Tolman's body and take his bracelet after fighting off a full team of blackguards and Piety who flees after losing half of her health. Alternatively, you can go to Crematorium first and get the bracelet and then rescue Clarissa who recognizes it immediately. Either way, Clarissa returns to Sarn Encampment and fills the role of accessory trader which isn't available in town before the completion of this quest.

Return to Sarn Encampment and talk to Maramoa to receive your reward.

  • Victario's Secrets

This Quest is optional. This quest is given to you by Hargan in Sarn Encampment and requires you to travel to three different sewers to collect the busts from a stash in each sewer.

Recover the Bust of Hector Titucius from the Slums Sewers, the Bust of Gaius Sentari from the Warehouse Sewers, and the Bust of Marcius Lioneye from the Market Sewers.

You receive 1 Passive Skill Refund Point for each of the first 2 busts you bring to Hargan. Irregardless of the specific busts, you receive 1 Passive Skill Point for the last bust.

Unlike other quests, you don't have to return all 3 busts at once. You can receive these points one at a time, but always in the order of 1 Skill Refund point, 1 Skill Refund point and then finally 1 Skill Point.

  • Sever the Right Hand

Kill General Gravicius in the Barracks.

  • Fiery Dust

Find a way to destroy the Undying blockage in the Warehouse Sewers.

This quest begins when you first approach Undying blockage in the Warehouse Sewers.

Then you need to go to Solaris Temple Level 3 and speak with Lady Dialla. She will give you The Ribbon Spool quest, which must be completed first.

After that go to The Docks and find Thaumetic Sulphite.

Bring it to Lady Dialla in Solaris Temple.

Go to Warehouse Sewers and burn Undying blockage.

  • The Gemling Queen

Travel to the Solaris Temple Level 2 (travel path: Sarn Slums -> Warehouses -> Marketplace -> Battlefront -> Solaris Temple) and talk to Lady Dialla. You will need to bring her the Ribbon Spool and the Thematic Sulphite in exchange for the Infernal Talc.

The Ribbon Spool can be found in the Battlefront in a small carriage which is on the bridge and always spawns in the bottom left of the map. The Thematic Sulphite can be found in the Industrial Docks area at the end of one of the docks, in a burnt carriage. The Industrial Docks area is accessed from the top left of the Battlefront area.

  • The Ribbon Spool

This quest is given to you by Lady Dialla in Solaris Temple Level 3.

Recover the Ribbon Spool from the Ebony Legion at the Battlefront. The Ribbon Spool can be found in the Battlefront in a small carriage which is on the bridge and always spawns in the bottom left of the map.

  • Piety's Pets

This quest is given to you by Grigor in Sarn Encampment.

Find Piety in her laboratory in the Lunaris Temple Level 3 and kill her.

Defeating Piety grants you 2 Passive Skill Points and the Tower Key from Grigor, which grants you access to the Sceptre of God.

  • A Swig of Hope

(Can only be completed if captain fairgraves is killed in the shipyard. Act 1 quest)

This Quest is optional. The quest is given to you by Captain Fairgraves and requires you to collect Chitnus' Plum and the Decanter Spiritus

1. Collect the Decanter Spiritus from the Ornate Chest in the The Marketplace. 2. Collect the Chitus' Plum item from the Hedge Maze. 3. Return to The Docks for your reward.

  • A Fixture of Fate

Find and interact with a loose candle in the Library to open the path to the Archives. Once in the archives search for a book stand and interact with it to find a golden page. Book Stands are indicated with a quest marker on the map and are often found in each corner of the zone.

  • Sceptre of God

After defeating Piety and acquiring the Tower Key, you can open the locked door found in the Imperial Gardens.

Kill Dominus to open the portal to the next difficulty.

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