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The Google Website Translator is a excellent tool to display your website in different languages without having to translate them manually.

To integrate this tool into your existing website follow these steps:

  • Enter the URL of the website you'd like to add the Website Translator plugin to

  • Select the language that your web page is written in.

  • Select the translation languages you would like to make your web page instantly available in.

You can pick all languages, or select individual languages by selecting the "Specific languages" radio button, then checking the languages you'd like to automatically translate your web page into.

  • Choose the way you'd like the Website Translator plugin to be displayed on your page.

  • Copy the customization meta tag and paste it before the closing tag in the HEAD section of the web pages.

  • And finally, copy and paste the Website Translator plugin code snippet into the BODY section of web pages that you would like to make instantly available in other languages.

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