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This will show you how to add a JavaScript menu to your web site.

In this example we use it to access some pages on The IT Community in a fast and simple way.

First put the following into the <head> section of your site:

 function openDir (form) {
        if ( == 0)
        if ( == 1)
        if ( == 2)
        if ( == 3)
 // end of script -->

This is your JavaScript menu which defines where the links point to.

Now put the following into the <body> section of your site:

<FORM NAME="myform">
 <SELECT NAME="directory">
    <OPTION>Popular Pages</OPTION>
    <OPTION>Create a new Page</OPTION>
 <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="button" VALUE=" Go " ONCLICK="openDir(this.form)">

That´s it, refresh your page and have fun with your new menu.

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